The ‘Rebalance’ Way

I created The Rebalance Chef because I want to showcase how you can create and eat delicious wholesome meals while throwing out less food and plastic waste.

Not only that, but having lived in one-bedroomed house shares, city flats and now my little countryside cottage, I know what it’s like to want to grow your own but be worried about the space you have or even where to start. So there will also be a little bit getting muddy as well! From windowsills to balconies, gardens and allotments, I’ve got your back!

Me at The Eden Project wondering how I could get several large domes to grow things haha!

Nowadays, being “healthy” seems to mean being on a constant restrictive diet and/or cutting out food groups. Having been there/done that, I’ve always found the o so sexy ‘everything in moderation’ the best for my body and mind.

My passion for food and nature has always just been there. There was no lightbulb moment that made me follow my Grandad around his suburban greenhouse sneaking sweet tomatoes into my mouth whenever I thought he wasn’t looking. I helped him cut the wild rhubarb that grew wherever it pleased in their perfect rectangular garden. And watched as my Nan would transform it every June into the most mouth-watering rhubarb and ginger crumbles. O and smothered in custard of course!

When asked what I wanted aged 6 for my birthday, I happily replied ‘land so I can grow something I can eat please!’.

Bewildered but amused, my Grandparents gave me (along with a box of books and a new beanie baby!) a 1m x 2m plot at the side of the house that had been left for years.

Filled with wild grasses and stones, I dug it out, refusing help except juice and sandwiches. I don’t remember exactly how long it took after all these years later, but I do remember being asked when it was finished what I planned to grow? At the top of my voice I declared, ‘SUNFLOWERS AND SWEETCORN!’ And that was that.

The sunflowers grew tall and proud to the delight of the neighbours and the sweetcorn cobs were so small and inedible, that when I proudly cooked them regardless, slathered them in butter and presented them to my audience, everyone kindly nibbled until I took a bite. They were dear reader, absolutely disgusting! So I vowed next year would be better and you know what? They actually were!

I’ve grown sunflowers every year since.

The experience, memories and connections we make through food can last a lifetime! How many times have you eaten something and it’s transported you to another time?

Through rebalance, I want people to get back to feeling great through proper food. Not fad food or fad diets. Not extreme eating or cutting out of foods (unless it’s a medical thing obviously!). Actual food!

Why? Because I don’t know about you, but every time I’ve gone through spells of eating junk, eliminating a certain food or eating too much of something, I feel awful! Genuinely crap.

But when I eat proper food, that’s made from scratch and my plate is a colourful array of deliciousness, that not only makes my eyes pop, but my body too!

So what’s going to end up on my plate? Because I’m hungry!

From following my recipes, you’re going to end up with delicious, seasonal meals that while I hope are organic and as locally sourced as possible, are great for you and great for the planet!

We’re tackling food and plastic waste one wholesome meal at a time!

We’re going to be dancing around the kitchen while we’re creating our food!

Licking our plates clean and giving the biggest MMMMMM because that’s what food is about!

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or cooking for many, the same principles will apply:

  • We’ll be cooking from scratch
  • I’ll be encouraging you to source local ingredients (maybe even grown by you!)
  • We’ll be reducing food and plastic waste through informed food choices

Most of all, it’s going to be tasty and I’ll be giving you hints and tip along the way to up your game if you want to!

So have a browse around! Say hey! Follow me on social to see my latest adventures. If you’ve got questions, get in touch! Let’s do this together with an apple in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!

Love, A x

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