How to grow food on your windowsill

Throughout the years I’ve lived in all sorts of places.

  • Houseshares
  • Studio flats
  • Flat with a balcony
  • House with no garden
  • Cottage with two gardens

And regardless of where I’ve lived, who I’ve lived with or where I’ve been one things been constant – my cat has always been there and so have my plants!

You can grow a surprisingly varied amount of food on your windowsill including herbs, chillies, salads, carrots, onions and tomatoes!

I tried growing pumpkins once but I wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe I’ll tell that story another time…

In this first post, I want to take you through the basics of what you’ll need, what you can grow and my top 5 favourites.

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What you’ll need

  • A windowsill that gets at least 6 hours light a day
  • A variety of indoor pots. (I’d recommend terracotta.)
  • Your chosen seeds
  • Vegetable soil or an equally rich potting soil
  • A snazzy watering can

How to choose your seeds

Choosing what to grow can be daunting and it all depends on space so I’ve split the next part into 2 parts.

The first focuses on skill level and the second part on space. Choose your skill and your space and see which seeds will suit you best!

Your skill level


Pea shoots. Spinach. Onions. Oregano. Greek basil. Salad leaves. Spring onions. Radishes. Microgreens. Garlic.


Tomatoes. Chillies. Carrots. Sprouting beans.




One or two windowsills

Pea shoots. Spinach. Oregano. Greek basil. Salad leaves. Spring onions. Microgreens. Sprouting beans. Chillies. Radishes.

A bit more!

Tomatoes. Carrots. Onions.

Chosen? Now you’re ready to grow!

Following the instructions on the packets and using your equipment list above, simply find your sunniest windowsill and begin your growing journey.

A few tips from personal experience are below.

  • Cucamelons love trellis and will climb EVERYWHERE if given the chance. Choose a space that has plenty of space. Build your trellis out of garden canes and make sure there’s plenty of it so the cucamelons train on to the cane rather than your wall!
  • Tomatoes can be grown in hanging pots and look beautiful when they tumble down. If you’re short on space, maybe try that instead of using a windowsill.
  • Pea shoots are absolute animals it’s brilliant! They grow quickly. Taste amazing. And take up virtually no space.
  • Sprouting beans don’t forget to eat them. They absolutely stink when rotten.
  • Greek basil and oregano take a little while to get going but don’t give up! Once those little green leaves start popping up, just give it time and soon they’ll be as bushy as anything!

As for me?

This year I’m creating a herb and spice kitchen! The biggest one I’ve had yet! They’re my favourite things to grow indoors and this year I’ll be growing:

  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Sunflowers (dried, the seeds become bird food)

I’m going to be trying various windowsill and hanging pots to grow an array of herbs from basil to parsley, chillies to turmeric.

I’ll post updates for you when I’ve set the foundations.

Got any questions?

Starting your gardening journey or getting back in to it can be daunting, so feel free to ping me a message on my Instagram @therebalancechef if you get stuck! Or just so I can see your glorious gardening piccys!