This May We’re Going Back To Basics!

You’ve asked. I’ve listened. And if you don’t know me – Hi! I’m Adrianne, AKA The Rebalance Chef!

I specialise in plot to plate seasonal cooking. Proper delicious food that keeps you satisfied and the world around you ticking along naturally.

This May I’m taking you on a back to basics cookery challenge. Every day throughout May I’ll be posting advice, tips and recipes that you can learn and use in your everyday cookery.

Each week I’ll guide you through different skills, cooking techniques, the basic fundamentals of food and how to make your cooking space work for you.

Not only that I’ll be inviting guests who are experts in their field to add little nuggets of wisdom as well.

Here’s what we’ll be looking at:

Week 1

You’ll learn exactly what you need in the kitchen and why. From knowing what to invest in, how to set up your space and how to store various ingredients to keep them in tip top condition, Week 1 is all about the most important part of cooking – PREP!

Week 2

This week you’ll be guided through basic knife skills with some advanced thrown in in case you fancy it! You’ll also learn why we use certain oils, how to cook the perfect pasta and we’ll wrap it all up with one of my favourite pasta dishes that’s always a crowd pleaser!

Week 3

Ever wondered exactly how much of certain things you should be eating and what should be on your plate? This week we’ll be looking at portion sizes from a chef’s perspective as well as how to roast the perfect chicken and how to cook rice. At the end of the week you’ll know how to create my take on a beautiful wild rice salad with chicken and a herby dressing.

Week 4

What would a May challenge be without a little baking? This week I’ll guide you through the fundamentals of bread making, how to ensure your cakes are fluffy as clouds and not flat as pancakes, and of course – CHOCOLATE! I am The Rebalance Chef, not the ‘only eats celery sticks and hummus chef’ 😉

Week 5

Being connected to our food is crucial for our health, our world’s health and the health of our local and national communities – not to mention our bank balances! Week 5 is all about how you can get a little muddy and knowing the basics of growing your own food regardless of what space you have. From windowsills to plots, I’ve got your back!

Who This Challenge Is For

Truth be told I’d love to say anyone and everyone! Cooking and ingredient knowledge is something everyone should have from an early age.

Getting more specific though, if you’re interested in the following then this challenge will be extra useful.

  1. You want to learn basic cookery skills, knife skills and general kitchen set-up.
  2. You’re interested in learning more about sustainable living including how to reduce food and plastic waste.
  3. You want to get involved or already are involved in growing your own food.

A note. This challenge is aimed towards the individual because as the saying goes ‘too many cooks spoil the broth!’. This isn’t to say you can’t get your friends and loved ones involved (especially when we get to brownie week) but this challenge is designed to improve your skills.

I probably don’t have to say it but will anyways. This isn’t a childrens challenge. Knife skills will be involved.

Connect and See Bonus Content!

Along with the daily journal posts here, each Wednesday at 12pm GMT I’ll be going live on my instagram @therebalancechef to recap on the week’s progress and show you around my little cottage kitchen. Depending on the weather you might even meet my rescue hens! They’re divas and would love the attention!

The main point of this challenge is to have fun with it, learn new skills and refresh old ones.

I want to see your creations so don’t forget to tag me and show off what you’ve been doing!

I’m taking part in the Rebalance May Cookery Challenge! Check it out here