Day 21: A Chef’s View On Green Smoothies And Juices

When I think about food, and hopefully it’s the same for you, I think about this amazing produce that’s giving me energy and life.

Food should taste good, be high quality, and ultimately be something you cherish because when you only need 3 things to survive it makes sense that they should all be the best they can be right?! Clean air. Clean water. Wholesome food.

So when it comes to green smoothies and juices, something in me stumbles. I don’t get that normal warm feeling in my stomach that I do with other foods but rather a daunting feeling and I think I’ve figured it out.

They just don’t taste great.

Green smoothies and juices were thrust in to the spotlight again a few years ago when the whole ‘wellness’, ‘raw food’ and ‘clean eating’ scene made its mark.

Images of thin women with glowing skin and white smiles were seen guzzling these magic potions and accrediting them to all of these ‘health benefits’.

Interested as I always am by new foods and food trends, of course I tried them. But unless I piled in A LOT of fruit, then they didn’t taste good.

On top of that, THE COST! Wow. These things were filled with powders that cost a crazy amount and to be honest tasted awful.

Unfortunately then what happened is something these ‘gurus’ should have been more responsible for when they were promoting these things – an unhealthy relationship with food developed.

Proper Food Isn’t The Enemy

A stigma attached itself to these smoothies and juices. Much like the fitness crowds obsession with chicken breasts, many started to think that in order to be healthy and/or to lose weight, maintain it whatever, you had to really restrict yourself.

It’s simply not true.

Along with being a qualified chef, I’m currently studying my chef’s nutrition in practice course so I’ll be an accredited Nutritional Chef, and even in the first lesson they spoke about how we should all be eating the rainbow (cheesy but you get the picture!).

When you eat a variety of foods, you’ll get a balanced diet which is what we all need.

I Don’t Believe In Cutting Out Food Groups Unless There’s a Medical Reason To Do So

I’m not saying that you and I can’t enjoy the odd smoothie and juice here and there, but it should be seen as supplementary to a proper diet and not an entire diet.

The ones that taste good are loaded with in my opinion too much fruit and not enough veg.

And then the veggies ones taste awful so why put yourself through it when you could eat the same veggies in a beautiful casserole, salad or whipped up in to a delicious side!

Rebalance Is All About Reconnecting With Our Food

When I started Rebalance I started it with a very clear vision in mind – to reconnect people to their food and where it comes from.

Showcasing why it’s better we invest in our food for our health and our world’s health.

So when it comes to smoothies and juices, I’m not saying don’t. I’m saying consider experimenting with the same ingredients and making something that actually tastes great.

Take a moment, a breath, and don’t get caught up in the marketing of these ‘superfoods’ but instead think about the humble produce super heroes that you can grow yourself or buy easily at the local farm shop.