Day 24 Part 1: How To Melt Chocolate

We’ll be putting this skill in to practice with these amazing Hazelnut Brownie Cookies!

Melting chocolate is sexy and there’s no point in starting off saying anything different.

Whether you’re dipping fruit in it, honeycomb or simply melting your favourite to eat it directly out of the bowl (and there’s zero judgement on that front here!) melting chocolate is a delicious skill to have.

There’s several different ways you can do it, but when we’re looking at going back to basics only one that I’d recommend.

The easiest way to mess up melting chocolate is by using too much heat and therefore burning it. However by using this method you’re less likely to burn the chocolate and have a silky smooth ingredient to work with.

Tips Before You Begin

These tips are my foolproof ways of melting chocolate. This is the basics and without the use of additional ingredients such as butter or sugar.

What I will say though, is when you make my Hazelnut Brownie Cookies, just shove it all in a pan for ease like the recipe says. It’s no less skilful and gives you the chance to have some wine or chill out.

And if you haven’t guessed already, yes, these are my naughty days 😉

  1. Use a metal pan and a metal bowl
  2. Have oven mitts handy
  3. Use a wooden spoon
  4. Don’t take your eyes off it
  5. Keep the heat low and the water at simmering point
  6. Melt it in the shortest amount of time possible

Writing that all down, it makes it sound more complicated than it is, but don’t worry.

How To Melt Chocolate


  • 100g good quality cooking chocolate


  • Pan filled with around an inch of water
  • Metal bowl that fits snugly above the water of the pan. It’s important that bowl and the water do not touch
  • Wooden spoon

Break your chocolate in to small equal pieces. Put them in the bowl and place it over simmering water. It should take around 3 to 5mins for it to melt completely.

If Something Goes Wrong

Chocolate can sometimes go grainy and gritty (seized) or (dull) overheated.

Preventing these two things is better than trying to fix it. Ensure the chocolate is kept over low temperatures. Ensure no moisture comes in to contact with it.

  • If your chocolate becomes gritty add a small amount of boiling water and whisk vigorously until smooth.
  • If your chocolate becomes dull, lumpy and or thick take it off the heat, let it cool and then try sieving it.

Now For The Hazelnut Brownie Cookies!

Click here to put this skill in to practice.