Day 28: How To Grow Your Own Wild Bird Seed!

And it all starts with sunflowers! Who doesn’t love sunflowers!

Growing your own wild bird seed couldn’t be any easier than this. Plus, if you have chickens, then they’ll also love these treats.

Step One

Choose a large growing sunflower, something like a tall single or giant.

You need them this size because there’s more seeds! Also, the smaller sunflowers tend not to produce the rights seeds, if any at all, so make sure it’s a biggy!

Step Two

Following the packet instructions, plants your seeds and watch them grow in to gorgeous balls of happiness.

In my mind, there’s nothing happier than a sunflower. Everything about it screams just smile at me and everywhere else!

Normally, you can start sowing sunflowers around March time. I really recommend you stagger your seeds so you have a long blooming period.

Step Three

Let them dry out.

After they’ve flowered, leave them be and let them dry out. It can take up to 6 weeks, but normally it’s much quicker than that.

As they dry out the seeds will start to appear and want to pop out. At this point you have two choices:

  • Let the birds pick at them where ever they’ve grown; or
  • Cut the heads off and scrape the seeds out for them.

Either way your garden birds will absolutely love these treats!

You Can Also Grow And Dry Sweetcorn

This process takes quite a while longer because drying corn cobs can take up to 3 months, but again, your wild birds will love them!

If you’re new to growing your own food I’d recommend get an F1 variety of sweetcorn simply because they’re the easiest to grow.

If you’re happy with your growing skills then choose whichever variety you love growing 😀

Me? I change it every year. This year I’m growing an organic variety called Medzi as they’re better for the space I have.

Short ‘n’ Sweet!

It really is as simple as that and I could write more and more, but instead, here’s plenty of sunflowers to brighten your day 😀