Day 29: Top 3 Swaps To Make Your Kitchen Plastic Free

The kitchen probably comes in first when we think of plastics and disposable plastics.

You’ve got your storage pots and lunch pots that your told to use for various things. Then cling film to keep your food fresh or to put over rising bread.

You then move on to the actual food that fills your cupboards and fridge. Fruits with their own skin on come wrapped up again in plastic and you’re lucky if it’s recyclable. Vegetables are the same and so is meat, fish, pasta, pulses etc.

You name it, there’s plastic everywhere from the food we eat to the pots we want to store it in.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and here’s my top 3 tips so you can make sustainable swaps, eco friendly meals and at the same time support your own health and the health of the world around you both locally, nationally and internationally.

Is it your fault? Nope. For years there was no one telling us how bad plastic actually is for our planet. Fish and animals are eating it which means we are. It’s filling landfills and causing all sorts of problems. Recycling doesn’t really cut it either because it will still be here in years to come.

But, by making swaps now, you can do a lot of good from your own home, and they don’t even have to be drastic! Some, like my swapping cling film for greaseproof is a swap that you probably have your cupboards.

Here’s my 3 top tips for now, but don’t worry, there will be more 😉

Start Buying Glass Jars Instead Of Plastic Pots

Glass jars such as Le Parfait or Mason Ball are freezable, fridgeable, heatable, everythingable haha!

I have both and in varying sizes for different things and they’re sturdy as anything!

With Mason Ball, just ensure you get them without the odd lining that some of their old ones have.

Are they an investment? Certainly! They cost around £20 for 6 small ones or just under that for one large one, but it’s worth it.

They will last you many many years and you can use them for nearly everything! Including cocktail and beer drinking if you want a snazzy Instagram pic!

Shop Locally At The Butchers, Farm Shops And Even Direct From Farms

By shopping locally you can obviously take your owns bags, but you can also take your own greaseproof or butcher’s paper instead of having to buy plastic wrapped everything.

Butcher’s will happily wrap up your meat in your own paper and you can pop that straight in to the fridge.

Farms shops normally have everything loose and farmers will give you your produce how you like it if you ask them.

The other bonus is that you’ll be supporting your local economy and the health of yourself through the farmers being able to invest more and more in their produce.

Plus you’ll reduce your carbon footprint as the food doesn’t have to be shipped or flown in from another country.

Honestly, if you make one change this week, make it this one!

Swap Clingfilm For Greaseproof Or Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps get a lot of grief and I understand why. They’re costly and if you’re vegan then I suppose they’re out there.

But having invested in some myself, I can tell you with complete honesty they’re awesome!

Mine are going on a year now and are still in such great shape. Well worth the £15 I spent for two.

Also, being The Rebalance Chef, I’m passionate about using every part of an animal or products we get sustainably from animals so if it utilises beeswax then brilliant!

Greaseproof can be used in place of clingfilm for nearly everything. It’s also brilliant for wrapping up sandwiches, storing meat and for wrapping up foodie gifts.

Greaseproof also doesn’t cost too much if you use it regularly.

Have Questions?

Let me know if you’re thinking about making plastic free swaps but aren’t sure, I’m always happy to help!

You’ll find me here!