Nothing is off limits. It’s all about balance.

My food philosophy is all about loving what you’re eating and knowing where it’s come from.

Growing my own and shopping as locally as possible or direct from the farm shop forms a massive part of daily life and has done since following my Grandad around his greenhouse, sneaking tomatoes whenever I thought he wasn’t looking!

Often the best meals are those cooked simply with the highest quality seasonal ingredients – it’s great on you palette, great for the planet and also great for your bank account!

I’ve always had a strong connection with food and its ability to make me feel great, to bring people together and to create amazing memories and truly memorable experiences.

That’s exactly what I want to share and exactly why I started Rebalance – to help people to feel more connected with their food, to help us all have mouth-watering meal experiences on a daily basis while allowing you to make your own choices about what you eat and where you shop.

No diets, no fads: just beautiful, balanced, healthy living, wrapped up in delicious food. Every day.